Welcome to Camp With Wings

Welcome To Camp With Wings

Hugs, 2018

Welcome to the Camp with Wings website with all of the information you will need to learn about camp and how it works, how to register, and become part of the ever-growing Camp with Wings family.

For one week in January every year, we come together from all corners of Australia and, indeed, sometimes the world, and connect, share,  learn, create,  grow and fly with newly forged friendships and stimulated imaginations running free

Team Building Exercises, 2018

Camp with Wings aims to give home-educated and unschooled teens the opportunity to connect and grow in a safe, like-minded community, to make new friends and develop independence.  Camp also aims to support teenagers in their choice of education without having to choose school to meet their needs for companionship and the growing teen challenges.

Camp with Wings 2019 has just ended. 

Please check back with us as new updates are added to this site for next year’s camp!


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