Parent Testimonials

The Ball, 2017

“Camp with Wings was a great opportunity for my teenagers to spend a week in a nurturing yet challenging environment with other open-minded young individuals. They came home energised, inspired, more self-assured and full of confidence to follow their own dreams. Camp with Wings really did give them wings to fly.” – Debbie, Woolgoolga

Morning Nap, 2018

“Camp With Wings (CWW) has been a wonderful experience for my children. It has allowed them to enrich their current knowledge, friendships and abilities, taught them new skills and given them more opportunities particularly in ways I would not have even thought of. I have seen the way their CWW experience has increased their sense of independence, confidence and opened up their minds to new and limitless possibilities in the world. On top of all this, my children (currently 14 and 17y.o.) have made friends with people from all over the world, with so many different types of backgrounds and been exposed to the many rich and varied ways of educating. Because of this, I feel my children will find their own niches within society and become the best people they can be, which is surely what any parent wants for their kids!” – Loe, Toowoomba¬†

” … I wanted to just let you know how happy and impressed we were with Meledy’s experience at Camp With Wings. Her experiences as related to me have only served to reassure me that the travel expenses and planning (even though it was a long way away) were very, very worth it.

Since returning home, she not only has a happier, more optimistic attitude to life, but she seems so energetic and proactive in attempting new things – such as learning the guitar and ukulele for sometimes hours a day! Her list of facebook friends has literally doubled. And she does not join friends lightly. She was always happy to have only a few as she never befriended anyone unless they had a mutually life-affirming, supportive relationship, and she knew them. Well, I am gobsmacked at the compassion, atmosphere of acceptance and the many varied gifts and talents relayed to me via Mel about her new friends from camp, including the leaders. Apart from a small worry with the bus time and connecting flights (which is really all part and parcel of learning independence in modern life anyway), our experience with Camp With Wings has been nothing but positive. Wow! She LOVED the food and we are looking into some newer and healthier vegetarian options for home cooking . I don’t suppose there are camp ‘recipes’? Bravo, Janine, and thank you. How I wish we’d known about it sooner. But we are surely blessed that we know about it now. For a teenager, Camp With Wings must be Camp From Heaven. PS. Garrrnnn, tell me, what did you put in the water?” – Leslie

Waiting For Desert, 2018

“… Sami had an amazing time at camp, thank you so much for the loving, inspiring
atmosphere that you all created! After returning, she initially seemed to be a little lost and lonely. She has told us about some of the wonderful people, workshops, singing, food, games, etc, that she enjoyed. She wishes that the camp was longer and held more often, however, she is already excited for 2015 and is starting to think of a workshop that she might like to present! Sami has started thinking more about her future and has come up with more of a plan for herself based on things she would like to pursue. She just seems to have more clarity and joy. Thank you so much for inspiring her, and for taking such wonderful care of her!” – Annette¬†

Team Building Exercises, 2018

“Well it not often that I am lost for words… Gab and Liam had such an amazing time at camp. They have grown in ways that not only
benefit them as individuals but to the family as a whole. A heartfelt thank you to you and your team. Here is what I posted on our home ed yahoo group…

Hi everyone,

Last month Gab (16) and Liam(14) attended an event in Queensland called ‘Camp With
Wings’. It is a week long camp held specifically for home educated teenagers.

Put simply, it has been the most valuable home ed activity they have ever been part
of. They have returned with renewed confidence and a clear focus on what they want
to learn. Most importantly they have a network of deep friendships with other home
ed teenagers from all over the country. We met up with several last weekend at the
Blue Mountains Ukelele festival and have one staying with us right now because he is
interested in exploring marine biology.

Chillaxing, 2018

For those teenagers out there it really is worth looking into. Gab and Liam will be
there next January – they wouldn’t miss it for the world. ” – Paula and Ian