Trust Exercise Workshop, 2018

Workshops are an important part of camp. I encourage everyone to be brave and offer to teach us or lead us in whatever activity or subject you’re really interested in or some special skill you may be practicing regularly or just learnt recently.


Skipping game, 2009

We are all learning all of the time, no matter how old we are or how much experience we have.  We are all unique individuals with our own unique way of learning, teaching and understanding.   Someone presenting a workshop on an activity we may consider ourselves expert in can still open our eyes to many more possibilities, and stretch our expertise laterally.  Everyone has lots to offer.

Depending on the numbers of campers, there may be 4 to 6 workshops presented each morning, over 2 sessions of approx an hour each. This means there will be choice for the participants and the presenters will not be facing the whole camp en masse.

Craft Workshop Mt Glorious 2007

Craft Workshop Mt Glorious 2007

Workshops previously presented at Camp with Wings: Drama, Taekwondo, yo-yo tricks, pyjama making, skipping, Native American beading, learning to unicycle, poetry reciting, manga drawing, belly dancing, soccer, basketball, teenagers earning money, learning guitar, calligraphy, stencil making and t-shirt printing, tap, ballroom and Bollywood dancing, henna, card games, unicycle wheel reconstruction, mask making, abstract art, tie-dying, Japan culture and Japanese language, tennis, chess, singing in harmony, impromptu speaking, camp craft, dungeons and dragons, wings making, jewellery, mime, thinking outside the box, Gaia’s Garden game, creative writing, dream-catchers, luminaries, friendship bracelets, card making, bush dancing, reiki, poi and fire twirling, making stilts, discussion groups with different topics, yoga, origami, song writing, non-violent/compassionate communication, glass-painting, frisbee, yoga, tennis, balloon animals, juggling, knitting, ‘life hacks’, photography and many more.

Japanese Writing Workshop, 2017


mime workshop 2010

So you see, just about anything goes. Whatever it is you have to share, there will be a number of people interested who will go home with new skills or knowledge they learnt from you. And you will go home with new skills or interests that you are excited about that your peers or staff have shared with you.

If you feel you need a little longer than an


Fire twirling, 2014

hour, let us know. Sometimes you might all agree to meet again later to finish a group project, continue a discussion, or practice a song for the talent show that night.

The only limitations are no workshops in the kitchen as it’s a very busy place throughout the whole day, or workshops that may be limited by a need for very specific materials or tools. We can provide basic art supplies like crayons, paints or paper, scissors, a music machine and some sports equipment. Let us know what you may need and we’ll see if it’s possible to supply it

Song Writing Workshop, 2017


Knitting workshop went all week Mt Tamborine 2014