Rules and Responsibilities


Rules or agreements will be made with everyone at the beginning of the camp. There will not be many, but they will be designed to make the camp safe and enjoyable for everyone, without limiting freedom unnecessarily.


Camp with Wings aims to help everyone soar like eagles on the eddies of creativity and self-awareness and personal growth. However, flying high comes with a few responsibilities.

Over the week, everyone will have several rosters to complete to help keep the camp clean and tidy.

The other main responsibility is to be prepared to contribute and be involved as much as possible so you get the most out of your camp experience and you help others have a wonderful time as well.   Think of ways to help people feel included and empowered.  Be brave and try something that you’ve been avoiding for a while. Use this camp as an opportunity to challenge yourself to be the most amazing and inspiring person you can imagine. Use this camp to really spread your wings and fly.