Damper At The Fire, 2018

The next Camp with Wings will be our 14th camp….wow!!  Who knew how successful Camp with Wings would be when we first got together back in 2005. Some campers have enjoyed camp so much that they have transitioned to staff so as not to miss their annual inspiring start to the new year, but also to help keep camp available for younger home educators and give back some of the energy and benefits they have experienced and enjoyed over the years. I think we can proudly declare Camp with Wings a successful addition to the annual home educating calendar with younger family members looking forward to the time when they can join their older siblings at camp.

Hanging Out, 2018

A number of teenage home educators choose to join the school system to find some peers they can bounce off.  Or they continue to home educate but can often feel isolated or “different”.  Camp with Wings is an attempt to redress this situation.  It gives home educating teenagers a chance to establish friendships and connections they can continue long after camp is over, with letters, phone calls, email, Facebook and, traveling to visit each other.   Also the next year’s camp will be something to anticipate as follow-up for these connections.

Skipping competition 2014

Skipping competition 2014

Women's Group 2014

Women’s Group 2014

At Camp with Wings we aim to provide community-building, and personal and inter-personal growth situations. Personal challenges are encouraged at whatever level campers are ready for. It is an opportunity for campers to measure themselves in a completely safe and supportive environment of home educated peers who will share many of their own goals, frustrations and life experiences.

The original inspiration for this camp came from Grace Llewellyn’s Not Back to School (NBTS) Camps in Oregon and Vermont.   The success and popularity of the camps are a tribute to Grace’s efforts, caring energy and vision.  Grace is the author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook.

This is the 13th great Australian Camp with Wings annual adventure, and we need campers to help us continue to evolve and develop our own Aussie version of this camp, so come and get involved, and contribute to this exciting event.  We keep growing in numbers as word is spreading of the great opportunity CWW offers to Australian home educated teenagers so let’s make 2018 the biggest and most wonderful camp yet

Dancing At The Ball, 2018