Introducing Janine and Rhiannon


Although Janine is no longer the Camp Coordinator, she is still very much the inspiration for the continuing Camp With Wings.  I have been lucky enough to experience many camps with Janine and it makes me extremely proud that she has the confidence in me to continue running her beloved camp.  
-Rhiannon Russell


Janine profile pic_nI am Janine Banks and I started organizing Camp With Wings here in Australia because I have seen the amazing benefits to the teenage home educators attending the NBTS camps in the USA during the 14 sessions I have been privileged to work there. My partner and I unschooled our 4 children for more than 14 years, maybe the most brilliant part of our lives so far. They all attended a session of NBTS camp in 2000 and still consider it to be a major highlight and inspiration in their lives. They still have some friends from that camp and our eldest son, Alex, is now married to Aremy, whom we first met at that camp. They both did their undergrad studies in Minnesota where Aremy is from, then moved to Scotland for a year while Alex completed his masters, and now live in the Netherlands for Alex’s work. They have 2 children (grandchildren for me), Zoe who was 3 in April and Francis who was born in February.

Our connection to NBTS Camp has meant we have often had unschoolers from the USA attend CWW, and in 2009 when Dave came from Philadelphia, he and our daughter, Josie, made a strong connection and were married just before the 2010 CWW.Josie lived in Philadelphia with Dave for a couple of years while he finished his undergrad degree, then they moved to Seattle for a couple of years while Dave completed his masters. They have a daughter, Matilda who  will be 2 in December and are about to have a sibling for Matilda(2 more grandchildren for me), due early November. They now live in Brisbane as of August this year. Alex and Aremy and Jose and Dave have also all worked on staff at NBTScamp.  Our other 2 boys/men, Nick and Max, live in Brisbane and Toowoomba respectively with their partners, and have attended and worked at Camp with Wings in previous years.


I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and besides the basic yoga classes I also teach meditation and restorative yoga.  I am currently studying yoga therapy. I am fairly obsessed with all aspects of healing and and am also a reiki master and have studied lots of different alternative health therapies including flower essences, crystal healing and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping).

Gardening is one my main passions and I try to grow as many of our vegetables, herbs and fruits as possible. For me gardening is one of my healing modalities and calms and centres me, helping me keep my balance when I typically have too many fingers in too many pies and am overwhelmed with work. I also love and grow flowers. The garden brings wildlife and I am also a keen naturalist and keep my binoculars handy for those special moments of a new bird sighting or just watching activity at a nest.




Banks-Watson family in talent show, 2007


Reading to the Dutch grandkids…..:>)