Daily Schedule


Slack line Workshop, 2014

Although there will be a daily routine, each day will be new and different.

For the early risers, there will be a variety of early morning activities from yoga to ultimate frisbee or whatever you request or choose to lead.

After breakfast, there will be brief group meetings where announcements will be made, songs will be sung, and campers and staff can share and discuss any camp issues. This will be followed by small group meetings. Campers will be divided into smaller groups of approx 6-8 with a staff person supporting each group. Small groups are time for supportive sharing, as well as playing games and having fun.

The rest of the morning consists of camper led workshops, where campers and staff share their passion of the moment or some particular skill at which they have become proficient.  By the end of the week there will have been an opportunity for each camper to have led one or more workshops.


Stiltmaking workshop Mt Glorious 2007

After lunch there will be a quiet hour where campers can catch up on sleep, write in their journal, have a shower, or join the every popular yoga nidra session.

There will be more time for another workshop in the afternoon and then it’s time for spontaneous (unplanned) fun.

This year, the camp venue have allowed us to use their activities free of charge.  These activities include a giant swing, high ropes, canoeing, vertical challenge, orienteering, raft or catapult building and many more.  These activities will be facilitated by a qualified instructor.

You may join a chess tournament or help organize a game of volleyball. Or you and a few others may want to prepare for the evening’s talent show. Alternatively, you may prefer to lie in the shade of a tree daydreaming, making new friends, or continuing a discussion from the morning’s workshop. It’s up to you.


Camp Fire, 2010

 The evenings begin with another brief meeting, followed by our evening activities. This may include music and singing around a small fire, identifying the brilliant constellations in the country night sky, drama or social games or whatever we come up with. Please share your ideas with us.  There will always be a bush dance, The Camp Ball and fashion parade, talent shows and campfires.


Bushdance Mt Tamborine 2012

Although there will almost always be something on the agenda for you to do, there will be no obligation to attend any or every event, apart from the morning and evening meetings that will keep you updated on camp happenings. The camp is about growing and tuning into your needs. If you need a rest, some time to chill out on your own, do it. If you ‘re feeling like a jam session, and there’s a pulse in your head or your fingers, ask around. There maybe some others keen to join in. Camp with Wings is about encouraging creativity and spontaneity.