Camp Goals


Group Meeting, 2012

Having lots of fun and frolics and happy times singing and dancing and playing and sharing with new friends and old.

Connection and communication between teenage home educators throughout Australia primarily but not excluding international home educators.

Encouraging  the continuing development of  social and interpersonal skills, as well as extending the teenage networks, particularly for those in remote or isolated communities.

Providing a safe environment with lots of support and encouragement. Being at a camp for a week can be a daunting thing, especially it it’s the first time away from your family. Our goal is to make camp comfortable, supportive and safe, and for campers to feel at ease in their environment.

Encouraging and giving opportunities for the development of leadership skills by making the camp a sharing environment where the teenage campers take an active role in decision making, organization and presenting of activities.


Circus Talent Show, 2012

Providing opportunities for personal growth on many levels, as described previously, but also including the development of self-awareness and self study to build or strengthen assertiveness and self-esteem.

Making new friends with other campers and staff, and encouraging the development of ongoing friendships over the years, not just for the duration of camp.

Learning new skills from both staff and each other as everyone shares some of their interests and passions in life with others in daily workshop, sporting or connecting situations.drawing3.

To change the world and inspire ourselves, to make it a better place for everyone.