Camper Testimonials

"When I first came to camp I  didn't know anybody and I was pretty scared. It was
probably an hour after I arrived I made four life-long friends. I had such an
amazing time and I met so many amazing people! Everyone was so friendly and kind!
The staff were really nice and always there to have a nice chat even in the middle
of the night! The night before we all left there were a few tears and a crazy amount
of hugging. I am so happy I went to this camp. It's been such an amazing experience!"-Emma, 14, 2015, Brisbane

Best Friends, 2018

“Camp with wings was a life changing experience for me. I met people at camp that were truly themselves. People that accept you no matter who you are. People who are kind, loving and open to new experiences. Camp with Wings creates an environment where no one is afraid to be themselves and an environment where it’s ok to find yourself. I made friends with the most beautiful people, friends I treasure. Camp with wings was a life changing experience for me because I left inspired for the rest of the year. I left with all the cool things and concepts others had shown me. I left with supportive kind-hearted friends and I left with the courage to always be myself.”  – Elizabeth 16, 2012, Sydney

Happy Campers, 2018

“Camp With Wings changed my life for the first time in 2012, when I was 16 years old. I was going through a rough time and the sense of independence and the friendships that camp gave me helped me more than I can describe. Camp With Wings 2014, therefore, had a lot to live up to, but it didn’t disappoint. Again, I came home with a renewed energy and sense of self. I’ve been able to take the confidence and personal growth I found at camp into other areas of my life and for that it was worth the price a million times over.” – Meledy, 18, 2014, Brisbane

Friends For Life, 2018

“I first went to camp when I was fourteen, and I was shy, very quiet, and quite terrified. I never thought just one week would change my life, but there were so many people there that inspired me. Not just to be more creative, to find things that make me happy, but also to be a better person. In the last few years I’ve changed so much, and going to camp really shaped me to realise the important things, to care more about other people, to be accepting. You meet all these people who become friends for life. It’s a week of heaven away from real life, it’s perfect and unforgettable.”- Melinda, 17, Brisbane

Singing Together, 2017

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