Welcome To Camp With Wings


Camp with Wings has been meeting the many needs for connection and personal growth of home-educated/unschooled teenagers in Australia since 2005. Over the years, about 200 teenagers have participated in Camp with Wings which has been mainly staffed by volunteers, many of whom were ex-campers.

While I hope this is not the end of Camp with Wings, I have decided not to proceed with plans for the 2020 camp due to many changes and stresses in my life at the moment. I feel really sorry for those campers who are looking forward to the next camp, but I have suddenly realized it’s time to look after myself for a change. I was 50 when I ran the initial CWW in January 2005. So I am a little older these days. And just recently my husband who has been at my beck and call all these years to drive and load and unload the camp gear van, help the cooks in the kitchen, and fix all my computer problems (and is almost as old as I am) has developed some heart problems and is currently on drugs to control his supra ventricular tachycardia.

So I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lying awake at night worrying about Richard, as well as all my commitments to many other activities such as my yoga classes and students, Camp with Wings, permaculture activities and my own own large garden, not to mention our 4 children and 5 grandchildren, and my almost 94 year old Dad.

I started Camp with Wings, inspired by NBTSC (Not Back to School Camp is a similar camp in USA started by Grace Llewellyn), for my 4 teenage children. They are all now in their 30’s and their kids are not that many years from being ready for Camp with Wings.

So Hey….Camp with Wings will happen again soon.

And I am super sad and sorry for all those beautiful campers I met and worked with at last camp who will miss a little of Camp with Wings. Fortunately they have made many connections.

In the meantime I would like to thank Richard for all his support over the years. I could not have run CWW without him.

I also want to thank my children/young adults for their support and participation, especially Josie and Max. Josie was a camper for only one year, then staffed for 5 years, and Max was a camper for 2 years before becoming a staffer and the Night Owl for 4 years.

Other folks who deserve a big thanks for their contribution to CWW over the years include…..

Sue Belfitt was our reliable main cook for the first 7 years and Louise Cranny was another excellent cook for 5 years.

Loe Stanford-Wilson, our fun psychologist, was a group leader for 7 years.

Gaia Dreezen traveled from Atherton Tableland every year for 8 years, first as a camper, then junior staffer, then assistant cook for 3 years.

Zoe Anderson traveled from Canberra for 9 years, first as a camper, then staffing for another 4 years.

Both the Webb brothers made big commitments to CWW with Timothy being a camper for 4 years and a staffer and our First Aid officer for 5 years, and Casey was 6 years a camper and 4 years a staffer.

And of course then there is Rhiannon Russell and Joe Willow. Joe was a camper for 4 years and then staffed for 8 years, both in the kitchen and out, a versatile and very lovely, reliable young man. And Rhiannon was a camper for 4 years and staffed for 5 years including 2/3 years being the calm and competent camp leader. She and Joe ran CWW down Sydney way one year while I took a much needed holiday, the only camp I missed. Without their staunch support CWW would probably have folded before this so they deserve a huge thank you from all of us. (And a big congratulations on the birth of their baby boy, Caelen, born earlier this year.)

There have been a few other relationships develop from meetings at Camp with Wings. Dave Thomas (from Pennsylvania) had worked with me in the kitchen at NBTSC and so came to check out CWW one year. Well, he and Josie got married soon after. And then a big American and Canadian group of home educators came to Australia on an Unschoolers Adventures trip, came to Jose and Dave’s wedding and CWW, and Dave’s brother, Zane, met Aubree Nygaard from Maine and now they are married. Katie Pink and Gabi Thompson also met at CWW and have been together ever since.

And there’s probably more……

Yay for Camp with Wings……….

In fact I’d like to thank everyone who has ever been involved with Camp With Wings. You have contributed greatly to my life.

Love to all